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The chemical and structural properties of St. Cloud Zeolite lend themselves to a multitude of industrial applications where effective, low cost materials that bind, absorb, adsorb, fill, and filter are needed.

  • St. Cloud Zeolite, whether alone or as a surfactant modified zeolite (SMZ),  can adsorb toxins such as bacterial odors, formaldehyde and sulfur dioxide, etc., as well as toxins like mercury, lead and radioactive gases.
  • It is an effective drying agent, working similar to, and in some cases better than traditional desiccates such as silica and alumina gels.
  • Natural zeolite is used as an ingredient in cement or as lightweight insulation and as a building stone.
  • Natural zeolites are used as fillers in paper, high wear ceramic products, paints, and plastics.
  • St. Cloud Zeolite is an ideal flow agent for use in grains and feed handling and in distiller and ethanol processes.

Wastewater & Sewage Treatment

Many industries such as mining, refining, plating, and metals processing are challenged with managing the integrity of process materials and process waste.

Because of their ion-exchange properties, adsorption capabilities, mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance and surface charge density, St. Cloud Zeolite can be an effective treatment for the capture of deleterious materials in wastewater and in industrial treament processes.

Radioactive Cleanup

Natural zeolites can be used as ion exchangers for removal of radioactive cations such as Cs+ and Sr2+ and heavy metal cations such as Cu2+, Cd2+, Zn2+, Ni2+ and Pb2+. Radioactive Cs+ and Sr2+ may be present in recycling waters of atomic power stations or as environmental contaminants after accidents at atomic power stations.

Odor Control

Unlike other odor treatment products that mask offensive odors, St. Cloud Zeolite binds and captures many of the source gases in its naturally occurring matrix.

St. Cloud Zeolite is commonly found in odor adsorbing products marketed for both household and industrial uses. Safe, effective, and reusable, St. Cloud Zeolite offers natural odor control that is affordable and reliable.