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St. Cloud Zeolite
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St. Cloud Mining Co.
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Winston Millsite
Winston, New Mexico 87943

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zeoliteSt. Cloud Zeolite is part of the St. Cloud Resources Group whose holdings include St. Cloud Mining Company, an industrial minerals company ( and St. Cloud Reclamation (, an environmental remediation and construction services company.

Excellence, Experience, Trust

St. Cloud has received numerous awards in recognition of its outstanding record of safe and responsible operations.

St. Cloud Mining has won the New Mexico Mining and Minerals Division’s “Excellence in Reclamation” award for six of the ten years the award had been in existence. It has won the “Operator of the Year” award for our Zeolite Mining and Aggregate Mining Operations in 2006.

St. Cloud Mining has also received five “Zero Frequency” awards in recognition of our Workman’s Compensation reportable incident rating.

We promise our products and our services will deliver the results you expect. We work closely with our customers to ensure:

  • The ready availability of all materials and equipment
  • A flexible working schedule needed to meet delivery and deadline requirements
  • Real time information you need to track and report order status
  • Quality control through ongoing inspection and analysis

Whether you currently use zeolites in your business or are interested in testing them to see how they can improve your company’s performance, St. Cloud is a qualified, reliable and committed partner.

Employees, Ethics, Partners

We have loyal and long time employees who know the industrial sector. All go through MSHA training and are progressively cross-trained in all skills by working in small teams under hands-on supervision. We emphasize safety, teamwork and customer service and ensure every team and every employee has the tools and training required for the job at hand.

As a matter of course, we maintain full compliance with all national, state, and local labor law. We are good neighbors, responsible citizens and conscientious stewards of the land upon which we work.

We owe our longevity and reputation to our customers. We run our company with a long term view and conduct our business at the highest level of honesty and integrity. There is no fine print in our proposals. We deliver what we promise…on time, on budget, and according to your specifications.

Stability, Flexibility, Dedication

We are a privately held company with a diversified business base that underpins our financial stability. Our business units have shown consistent growth over the years and through prudent management, our balance sheet is healthy and our credit facilities secure.

In short, we have the experience, the attitude and the resources to ensure mutual success.